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Song of the Day: Luther Vandross- Never too much

Song of the day: Never too much- Luther Vandross (…life is a gamble and i’m so glad i am winning). Probably one of the best love songs ever written, simple and to the point…here’s the live version from the Royal Albert Hall Concert Never Too Much (Live) – Luther Vandross Source: http://www.youtube.com He is the … Continue reading

Where were you?

Gawd! I’m old…how i miss those days tho! Things were so simple then! check number 21 Where were you in those days? 1. Do you still remember when to be taken out to catch a movie at Carlton Centre was a hot date (Motho a tshwara lip ice le toilet paper ka letsoho/holding “lip ice” … Continue reading

Book Review: Don Miguel Ruiz’ – The Four Agreements

The Coaching Community It’s always fascinating how things meant for you constantly show up over and over in your life and you never even see them sometime. Don Miguel Ruiz’ The Four agreements has shown up again in my life- and I believe I’m at the level where I understand it so much better now-Like … Continue reading

Lira sets the standard for any local performance- Wow!

For both international and Local artists alike! I attended the Lira Concert on Friday and all I could say is WOW! That lady just blew us away (my friends and I). I always knew she takes herself seriously- but I didn’t know how much! The show was well rehearsed, well organized, well orchestrated- acoustics were … Continue reading

CD Reviews: Eric Benet’s Love & Life

This morning was an Eric Benet morning. I am currently listening to his  latest offering- Love & Life. Probably a mistake to have played it back to back with the 2005 release- Hurricane. I can’t help but compare and this album, although not bad at all- is notches lower in quality in comparison to Hurricane. … Continue reading

Surprise Purchase of the year so far

I’m listening right now to a lady called Karrin Allyson playing a song “I wish I knew”. A Jazz vocal standard that happen to be my favorite on this particular CD. When i bought this CD I knew nothing about this lady but this CD, called Ballads- Remembering John Coltrane is probably one of the … Continue reading

Song of The Day

My song of the day is by Lira- Ngiyazifela. It’s a love song. The word “Ngiyazifela” is an IsiZulu expression literally translated to “I die for you”, a figurative expression of undying love for someone! I love her- she works really hard and I see an even briter future for her if she keeps this pace up!

Books- Our Iceberg is melting- John Kotter

The Coaching Community Southern Africa A friend referred me to this book by John Kotter called Our IceBerg is melting- since my coaching supports change in individuals and organisations, I felt you might be interested in what the book is about…. John P. Kotter, Our Iceberg Is Melting Source: http://www.youtube.com Harvard Business School Professsor John … Continue reading

Local Radio Executive gets a Golden Handshake

R11 Million ne! It sounds like a PLATINUM handshake to me! Full story here http://www.iol.co.za/index.php?set_id=1&click_id=13&art_id=nw20090814151041242C280249

Priceless moment with Steve Harvey on Ellen

Lol! A Priceless moment! Ellen interviewing Steve Harvey- Check about 4 minutes into the clip where Steve says we wake up for y’all- watch Ellen’s reaction! Steve Harvey on Ellen DeGeneres 02/12/09 (4 of 5) Source: http://www.youtube.com Guest

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