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Patti La Belle in South Africa?

According to my sources Patti Labelle will be performing two shows locally- one in Cape Town at the Grandwest Casino and another at the Sun City superbowl. If this happens, I will definitely be attending the show at the Sun City Superbowl. I say “if” because this is the third or so time that we get the announcement of performances and they get cancelled at the last minute- which is not good for the reputation of any artist. Yes, sometimes it’s not the artist but the organisers, but still- she is the product and I always blame the artist for not taking care of business. Anyway-Passion is a price of entry to immortality! And this woman has buckets of it- that’s how she managed to be the only member of LaBelle to achieve immortality! This woman personifies staying power and passion and I am looking forward to seeing her perform live for once. I woke up this morning to this clip and it revived my spirits and has actually inspired a research project into passion (yes, I’m an academic in my night life!).


Patti’s show will be on the 30th of October at the Grandwest Casino in Cape Town and on the 31st of October at the Sun City Superbowl.

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