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Play it again John- John Legend in Johannesburg-South Africa

I really enjoyed the John Legend show yesterday- the final leg of his Evolver tour. He’s a master showman and in spite of the acoustics (I think The Dome is a terrible venue and I don’t know why organisers insist on using it for live shows). Anyway- the sign of a great artist is to get over the obstacles and get to the finish line i.e. satisfy the fans and I believe john made the audience very happy- the screams were deafening, and certainly not from horror. I enjoyed the new songs from Evolver- I never thought they would translate LIVE since it’s such a lyrical album (less focus on the beats and more on the story) but they actually do- I actually realized it’s my favorite John Legend release so far, followed very closely by Again. I mean the songs like “Alright” and “I can change” sounded so ancient compared to the new songs- Satisfaction, Everybody knows, Quickly (a surprise of the night- I didn’t think he would sing it since it’s a duet with Brandy) and It’s over amongst others..

My big disappointment was the fact that he didn’t perform what I believe should be his new anthem- If you’re out there. A song really close to my heart! Obviously I was not the only one, Eric Miyeni (of O’Mandingo fame) was singing the song to his companion as I was- and we echoed all at the same time “How could he not have sung that!!!”.

All-in-all a great performance by Mr John. I’m seeing him LIVE for the third time and it’s interesting how each show stands on its own in my memory as incomparable. I will certainly attend another LIVE performance.

PS: Keri Hilson was opening for John Legend- I am not qualified to review her music because I really don’t get it and I have a sense I am not the target anyway- the crowd seems to have enjoyed her. All I could say about her is that she comes across as a really sweet lady- if her appearance on the Big Brother Africa-The Revolution is anything to go by. Other than that- I can just say I was impressed that the show started promptly at 8PM! A new occurrence at the DOME!


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