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Pastor Shirley Caesar spreads the blessings at The Dome!

Sometimes you go to a show harbouring expectations of a great show but restraining yourself because your experience tell you it’s never as good as the show that’s going on in your mind. But then sometimes you get surprised- because the show becomes better than the show in your mind. This was the case with … Continue reading

Najee gets it right- Mind over matter

It’s the first time in many years that I have a CD by Najee that I want to listen to! I mean like take off the shelf and play it. Not since ‘just an illusion’ has that happened. I felt that many of his subsequent releases, they all settled on some dull formula that was … Continue reading

A personal note to Judith Sephuma- Ke kopa DVD tu! (May I have a DVD sooon- please!)

Ausi Judith- the way I have attended your shows, I am sitting here watching DVD ya LIRA and I am thinking how come Judith a sena DVD maar! Ke kopa DVD tu!! Too bad locally we don’t get into the practice of recording some of the live shows, if we do, they stay in the … Continue reading

I’m a Believer in LIRA- The celebration DVD is out- GET IT!!!

As I sit here having breakfast at 1.34 pm the song playing in the background is LIRA’s I’m a believer-and she has truly made a believer out of me. I am watching the DVD output of the show held on August 23 at carnival city (reviewed here). Wow! Such brilliant work! The quality of the … Continue reading

The night of half-songs, hurting ankles and forgotten lyrics- Patti LaBelle @ Sun City, South Africa

I was very excited to see that Patti la belle was coming to perform live in South Africa. She had been announced a few times in the past and at the last minute the show would be cancelled. So I was already used to the disappointment as far as Miss Patti is concerned. When the … Continue reading

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