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Are you an eagle or a chicken?…Anthony De Mello- Awareness

Tony de Mello on an occasion among friends was asked to say a few words about the nature of his work. He stood up, told a story which he repeated later in conferences, and which you will recognize from his book Song of the Bird. To my astonishment, he said this story applied to me.This … Continue reading

Whitney Houston’s “I didn’t know my own strength”- does the song make you feel like…THIS?

Sometimes we listen to the music and we just give it a passing listen, perhaps listening to only what we want to hear. When I listened to Whitney’s song “I didn’t know my own strength” for the first time, the thought that was going on in my head was “does she still have the voice” … Continue reading

From a whisper to a scream- with a groan, a moan and a growl in between- The Music of Esther Phillips-after 22 years of searching!

“When ‘the queen’ Aretha is a fan
how can the rest of us say nay”
Lester L. Carter Continue reading

Song of the day-Corinne Bailey Rae- Choux Pastry Heart

Corinne Bailey Rae’s song Choux pastry heart is my song of the day- i woke up with it in my mind and i have been now playing her beautiful debut album all morning. The song is short but with high heart impact. Listen to the song and the lyrics here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iTGyEl6rj5o I had forgotten how … Continue reading

Song of the day: Give me time – Chante Moore

“…you are the sun, gentle and warm- you make my life complete- give me time to show what you mean to me…”. She’s probably one of the most underrated artists of my generation. Maybe because she is not all about hype. In fact I think when she tries, she fails dismally, as can be evidenced … Continue reading

Song of the Day: Gerald Alston- Getting Back into love

Song of the day: Gerald Alston- Getting back into love! “what kind of fool would turn and walk away when he has someone like you…let me in, let me in”. Where is he now i wonder….unique voice

Quote of the day!

“I Did google myself recently- without a Lubricant…..I don’t recommend it!!!” Carry Fisher

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