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Reflections on a fallen icon- A Bobby Brown retrospective

Watching the bobby brown retrospective on TV – it’s 4am. It’s very difficult to concentrate on this script because all memories start flooding in- tangible- as if it was all yesterday. I realise how far I have grown and yet how much he formed part of that journey. All the hopes and excitement every time … Continue reading

African world cup but africa still imports coaches

This truth hurts! are we still colonised, in a more sophisticated form? thoughts? http://nyti.ms/dBMB0R

Busi Mhlongo- The spirit moves on

I heard the news of Busi Mhlongo’s passing during the Brazil/Korea match and it didn’t come as a shock because i already knew about it two weeks before. When someone has been as sick as her, we prepare ourselves. I know there will be eulogies written everywhere about her and how big she is and … Continue reading

World Cup fan fests in South Africa

For those who do not hve tickst to the world cup games, you can still get together with your friends, family and other 30000 people at the fan parks distributed across the counry. The Fan parks information pack can be accessed at this link: http://bit.ly/c8XXR2

Places to see in South Africa- where are the best places?

I came across this article (See link below) in the New York Times and I read it with excitement. The exposure that our country South Africa is getting is priceless, a great opportunity for business in our country. For now and in the future if they get a great experience. The article unfortunately,while it had nice recommendations, they didn’t … Continue reading

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