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Joe finds his Signature…beautiful CD.Period!

Wow- I have not raved about a CD like this in a while I think. Especially a CD by a contemporary artist. Joe’s Signature CD has managed to get achieve this and I believe he actually found his signature as a contemporary ADULT male crooner. With the passing of people like Luther van dross, illness of people like Will Downing- there has been a dearth in my opinion of the voice of a strong, DISTINCTIVE male voice out there. yes, these kids do try- the Nero’s, the Music soul child’s, etc. but they are still really that, kids and their appeal is usually to this up and coming instead of an established adult just looking for good music to play when not in a jazz mood.

I have been listening to the CD now for a week and I have not been able to take it off the playlist- and each time I go further into the album I get surprised. A pretty solid album with a balance of midtempo and slow jams designed for a relaxed time with the one you love. The song Metaphor is by far my favourite track and is right up there as a classic to “all the things your man won’t do”. I’m a lyrical person and I always appreciate good writing in songs and most of the songs on this CD are well written and sound like they are coming from an inspired place.

‘Sensitive lover’ is the track that brought the track to my attention; it is on heavy rotation locally. A beautiful pick for showcasing what one will get in the album. I highly recommend the song “Friends don’t let friends (sleep alone)”. A really tasteful way of saying I’m horny baby- let’s get it on, no strings attached. There are some not-so-tasteful lyrics- but they are few and even then not grating (it’s good to talk dirty sometimes- adds a bit of a spice- as long as it’s not every second lyric, unlike some of these young artists where you feel like you are listening to a porn show!)

Speaking of “let’s get it on”, I cannot help but hear Marvin Gaye’s signature all over the CD. Without sounding like Marvin, I think Joe has found the essence of Marvin Gaye in Joe. This is especially discernible on “get to this”- A Marvin Gaye 1973 composition.

I don’t wanna go on and on about the CD- the purpose of this was really just to say It’s a really worthy album, prolly in the top 5 CD’s I have acquired so far this year- and that is saying a lot! If you love ADULT contemporary R&B, or like me are just hungry for well written, well arranged music to play given a sea of mediocrity that exist out there- this is an album to buy. Don’t even listen to it- just take my word for it!


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