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Coaching Thoughts: ….of Talent, children and legend….

Today I was posessed by the spirt of the two departed giants- Luther Vandross and Michael Jackson and I was led to some interesting insights about talent. 1) Talent is not enough, but it is so important. 2) hard work and purpose is the engine that keeps the artist going. While at the same time, I learn that … Continue reading

Wow, what a big dream – Vanessa williams, Naomi Campbell and Leona Lewis to play the role of young Jody watley…

…the producer, Mike, was a good friend of mine (he invited me to the set). there were other stars as we were going along but man! what a lovely dream! As we are about to sit on the table and eat, i wake up to the Jazziel brothers music piping in from the lounge! Oh, i had … Continue reading

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