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Coaching Thoughts: ….of Talent, children and legend….

Today I was posessed by the spirt of the two departed giants- Luther Vandross and Michael Jackson and I was led to some interesting insights about talent. 1) Talent is not enough, but it is so important. 2) hard work and purpose is the engine that keeps the artist going. While at the same time, I learn that it’s ok to mess up and make mistakes.

One thing I also realised is that I am not CRAZY enough when it comes to my craft. I get presented with lots of opportunities to do some pretty weird and wonderful things, but I generally let these opportunities go because they involve a lot of work, or they are weird or they are…well, you get the drift- all those limiting assumptions, beliefs and excuses. I wonder how much of the hard work is joyful- is it a myth that work should be joyful? does joy only come in the morning- AFTER the work is done? “ The sound of approval rose across the universe and the whole world abounds in magic” says Michael Jackson- after the work is done or during? is it an important question? I know when I do what I do and it’s good enough- the joy happens in the moment and fills me with an energy to carry on. Here’s something that stuck with me: I still am not really sure what my talent is. I’m guessing as I go along, I posess just an idea- but could it be that THAT unwavering certainty is the key?

After all that navel gazing, looking at that man in the mirror, I discovered something beautiful today tho- I wonder how much of that will help me work with what I need to do more on a path to legend! But it sure is an earth-shattering speech. Michael Jackson accepting his grammy legend award in 1993.

I must confess it feels good to be thought of as a person not as a personality because I don’t read all the things written about me. I wasn’t aware that the world thought I was so weird and bizarre. But when you grew up as I did in front of one hundred million people since the age of five, you are automatically different. ..My childhood…was not a normal childhood, no normal pleasures of childhood. Those were exchanged for hard work, struggle and pain, and eventual material and professional success. But as an awful price, I can not recreate that part of my life, nor would I change any part of my life. However, today, when I create my music I feel like an instrument of nature. I wonder what delight nature must feel when we open our hearts and express our god-given talents….I love children, and learn so much from being around them. The magic, the wonder, the mystery and innocence of a child’s heart are the seeds of creativity that will heal the world. I really believe that. What we need to learn from children isn’t childish. Being with them connects us to deep wisdom of life which is ever present and only asked to be lived. They know the way to solutions that lie waiting to be recognized within our own hearts.”

The speech gave me an essence into the PERSON that is MJ. For me though it is the last few lines that speak to my craft: asking the questions like a child, asking my clients to also be in that space…imagine you were a child- and you were to answer that question, you were to solve that problem, you were to fall in love, you were to make that decision…what would you do?

If you were a child, what would you do?

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I Coach Legends:You will never know who my clients are, but you have seen their work- you probably follow them! *smile* Music Executive,Academic,Entrepreneur, Passionate African-living with purpose!


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