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Sleep is good for you, go on and indulge!

I have noticed a lot of my friends on FB are complaining about their sleep patterns, sleeping fewer hours or not sleeping at all. To give you an idea, research shows that about 7hrs of sleep are optimal for most adults, so in the long term the 4-hour sleep patterns will catch up with you … Continue reading

Song of the day: India Arie – Always in my head

It woke me up in the morning, playing in my head and I had to dig for her debut CD- the one I have not played in at least two years. She is truly gifted- her ability to reveal the ontent on my soul in an elegance i could never muster makes her my muse. And … Continue reading

Coaching thoughts: …Of Self-Reflection and Maturation

In old age things appear simpler for those that take time to reflect on the patterns of life. after many years you have a huge research database to work with. The paradox is, tho that you have to let go of the expectation of clear answers to get clearer answers. And the anxiety that ensues … Continue reading

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