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History is wound on our Soul

Look around you, look hard Listen closely to the words we use note how into our perception it has fused It’s a burden we carry to our children Like flamingoes with beauty And we wonder why we don’t fly The sadness behind our smiles, our shiny trinkets Our insecurity is our prison History is a … Continue reading

Reflecting on the departure of Steve Jobs and what the Batswana wisdom says about Celebrity leadership

With the resignation of Steve Jobs- the business media is abuzz with reflections about his legacy, the implications of his departure, the lessons people have learnt from his period in office as well as perhaps speculation about the future of Apple without Steve Jobs. Somehow my visceral response to this was that of some discomfort … Continue reading

Reflecting on the ANCYL dilemma- What does old Setswana wisdom say about Boundary management and leadership effectiveness

John Perlman on Kaya FM asked a question: Will taking disciplinary steps against Julius Malema and the Youth League strengthen the ANC or weaken it? My public response was: This is a lesson in Integrity of Leadership for the ANC which I hope they get, when this dust settles. Whether Malema gets disciplined or not, … Continue reading

How the Sowetan got it wrong- AGAIN….

A journalist friend of mine asked me a really good question about this Sowetan debacle, a second one in two weeks. His question made me think deeper about what is offending me about this story. The question he asked was:  Is media (or a newspaper in this instance) a reflection of society? A mirror on … Continue reading

7 lessons I learned about networking in the last two years

This piece has been burning a hole in my brain and I have not had a chance to write it. This is hardly a definitive guide on networking- just a personal reflection based on experience and some psychological underpinnings. Test it against your experience and most importantly against your values and purposes for networking. I … Continue reading

Coaching Thoughts: …Halfway through- in honor of my previous bosses- Thank you!

I have been reflecting this morning on my previous bosses: 5 that made a real impact in my work life. Matthews Leepile- My first boss, my grandfather- my role model of what a man should be with the world. That taught me that humility is not humiliation- totally ego-less. May God continue to protect him. … Continue reading

The Eric Miyeni/ Ferial Haffajee story: Could it be the case of the messenger obscuring the message?

There are a lot of messages behind the latest journalism drama sparked by Eric Miyeni’s criticism of City Press. How do I know, because we are talking about it. Sadly though, the message I think got lost, largely because- in my very humble opinion, the messenger became bigger than the message. I am of the … Continue reading

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