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Coaching Thoughts:…of Personal Mastery and Personal Branding-who’s managing your brand?

Dear Leader This piece was inspired by a young and upcoming musician friend of mine. He expressed resistance to the concept of people referring to him as a brand after he gained popularity in one of the reality shows, catapulting him into national awareness. I wondered how many people I work with hold this perspective about their … Continue reading

What are you using your Facebook for? Reflections on technology and Social Media

I have been reflecting on what I use Facebook for after a question was raised by some colleagues and friends several times in the past few weeks. This is a list I came up with: To keep in touch with my friends, acquaintances, clients and colleagues: what goes on in their lives and work. Social … Continue reading

Coaching Thoughts: …of Hospitality and Leadership…An indigenous perspective

When I was growing up our house was always full of people, relatives who I later grew to learn were not really related to us by blood. They would show up for an evening and stay for a month. And my grandmother would welcome everyone and they would stay as long as they deemed it … Continue reading

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