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What this day means to me: Reflecting on MY piece of South Africa 18years ago!

I’m still surprised at all these people that poo poo freedom day. I understand the cynicism and some disillusionment at where we are now, but who said the struggle is over? It is possibly for the most valuable day in my calendar. I have been reflecting on where I was on this day 18years ago. … Continue reading

…About Appreciating specialness and talent in every decade of your life

I just had an interesting chat with one of my friends. The conversation revolved around the subject of body perfection and recognition of the gifts we have right now. My friend indicated that they were not and have never felt confident enough to flaunt their body. A body, I have to confess, I would kill … Continue reading

Adichie fighting a just war against the colonization of the mind

Chimamanda Adichie Ngozi’s Novel, Half of a Yellow Sun is inspiring novel of a young African woman. I recommend it as a read for every African child! Our history as Africans is important, otherwise we suffer the risk that we keep repeating it. Right now we are at the point where history is about to … Continue reading

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