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“You are Racist! Yes you!”: Reflections on racism in South Africa with a focus on Microaggression

This piece aims to add to the ongoing dialogue on racism in this country by introducing the concept of microaggression to the dialogue as a way to elucidate some of the confounding behaviours experienced by the people involved in the dialogue. While tuned in to the social narrative on racism in South Africa, it is … Continue reading

Molaetsa wa ka wa June 16 go bagaetsho botlhe: Mphemphe ya lapisa- motho o kgonwa ke sa gagwe!

Weitse ke tla tlhola ke maketse ke bile ka tlhabiwa ke ditlhong ga ke bona le go utlwa bagaetsho- ma-afrika a merafe yotlhe, a duletse go lwanela dilo tsa makgowa! waitsi motho a lwane a bo a kgaoge letsogo! O kete o lwanetse sengwe sa gagwe. Thata jang ko ditirong le mo madulong a boitapoloso, … Continue reading

Coaching thoughts:…Reflecting on the misfortunes of Bafana Bafana and what derails great leaders…

In the midst of the drama surrounding the qualifying matches for Bafana Bafana to 2014 and the drama with the coach Pitso Mosimane, I get reminded of the recent coaching sessions I have had with two leaders I have been coaching who each had just recently transitioned into a role leading teams that had impact … Continue reading

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