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Learning Lizz Wright….

From the first time I heard Lizz Wright’s music, I knew she was from the south. Georgia specifically. It was good to see her LIVE because now I kinda get her. A few of the songs moved me. Because I am not a fan, hither to, I was hearing most of the songs for the … Continue reading

If I was the Minister of Education for a term….

If I was a minister of Education for a term: The one portfolio I would take up in government for real, is that of the minister of education. I would be the most unpopular minister: – I would re- introduce corporal punishment – I would fire all the teachers who are not passionate about learning … Continue reading

What would you do: A social experiment in racial profiling….

I have been following this social experiment for a few weeks and it has been fascinating to watch our responses (as people from different racial backgrounds) to issues of difference what has been fascinating (as in this particular experiment) is that the people in new york were less interventioninst in acts of unfair discrimination as … Continue reading

Coaching thoughts….of Values, Locus of control and fulfilling relationships

In the last week I have had 3 incidents professionally that re-enforce for me that all you really have at the end of the day as a professional and a leader, is your integrity. It re-enforced my perception that in the 21st century, more than ever before in our time, your values are your biggest … Continue reading

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