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Coaching Thoughts : …Of Courage, Purpose and Humility of Leadership

Dear Leader Today again I was reminded How Courage,purpose and Humility are key essentialia in succesful leadership: As a leader if no one disagrees with you, if no one is out to persecute you- or if in general there is no CHALLENGE- you are probably doing it wrong. That’s why you need COURAGE! When you … Continue reading

Memory lane- The Museletter in 2007 – what things did I pay attention to then. what do you think?

  In 2007 – I revived TheMuseletter, after taking a few year’s break,growing a career…been going through the memory lane lately. This is the copy from September 2007! Enjoy! The Museletter        September 2007 Summer is here – Very early. Auspicious time indeed! My berry tree has fully “leafed” (Is that even a … Continue reading

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