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Coaching thoughts: …5 steps to dealing with any change in organisations

M.C Makhalima A leader in one of ‬Team coaching session I was facilitating asked, after a lengthy conversation about where the organisation is after 10 years of being in business: “We were doing fine all along, what went wrong?” I asked “is it possible you did something right?” Many leaders see change as a problem … Continue reading

In defence of Jacob Zuma: Reflecting on the State president’s reshuffling, Shadow roles and Basic Assumptions.

You know, I read the article “Son or Lover? Boss or Father? Mother or Child?” by David Delp about the childish shadow roles we play as adults in life and at work (read the rest of it here: http://pilotfire.com/son-or-lover-boss-or-father-mother-or-child/) and I started thinking about the recent announcement the state president of the country and the … Continue reading

Perspective on Ethics in Coaching and Consulting in Africa

Coaching and Consulting are Relationships of trust. Therefore it is important that the practitioner demonstrates both Personal Credibility and Social Credibility. Especially in Africa where, while there are ethical challenges across the globe, our continent brand is associated with corruption and incompetence. Africa’s relationship with the West, based on exploitation, dominance, and dependency, has led … Continue reading

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