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Is our parliament in crisis? I don’t think so-A systems-psychodynamic perspective

I am FASCINATED by organisations, their lives, their death – After more than 20 years of this, I am still intrigued by the drama that plays out and the subtle nuances that underpin the way we organise ourselves to do work. As i write this i am listening to a radio show discussing the dynamics … Continue reading

Reframing Matric – Is Matric really that Important?

This Morning 180 with Bob on KAYA FM asked what is the value of Matric. I disagreed with most callers who contended that it’s not a very important benchmark in everyone’s learning development, who said it is just a useless piece of paper. I believe that if we gave it the meaning it deserves, we … Continue reading

The Leadership Situation: Personal Reflections on Leadership

I am pre-occupied today with matters of ‪leadership – As the year ends, I reflect on the work I have done with about 160 leaders- these are heads of functions and units for key organisations across the world and across sectors. And while I tend to be really tough on leaders my heart goes out … Continue reading

Coaching Thoughts: …Of Surrender and the paradox of failure…se nkganang se nthola morwalo

Prologue: I wrote this piece in November 2012, it’s interesting how this theme has occurred over and over again. Have you ever felt like sometimes you want something for people more than they want it for themselves? That sometimes you feel maybe you are forcing yourself into people’s lives? If you answered yes to any … Continue reading

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