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Cry the beloved country…again …

As a citizen of this continent I am feeling so much shame right now I cannot even begin to express. Where is our pride? where is the opportunity to actually deal with issues in a manner that says we care? So a child is shot – and the whole neighbourhood burns? Including the shops that … Continue reading

White privilege and the road to building a united South Africa

Here’s an interesting piece on white privilige – how would this fit in your leadership journey as you reflect on enhancing your leadership signature? Warren Chalklen, Ph.D. Credit: Sputnik 58 “Each of us is as intimately attached to the soil of this beautiful country as are the famous jacaranda trees of Pretoria and the mimosa … Continue reading

From Resolution to Success – Coaching thoughts on how to make your resolutions work for you

Since the beginning of the year, as a coach many people keep asking me- “Do you believe in resolutions? How to achieve resolutions, what is the secret to …” you get the drift. My answer is always the same, resolutions you can make any time of the year, but resolutions will not convert into success … Continue reading

Why should the world be outraging about Afrikan issues? Where’s the Afrikan OUTRAGE?

Eish guys- you know I am watching. Most of the time I prefer not to say anything, and instead go and do my own little bit on the corner somewhere. I prefer not to say too much because I am always aware I don’t know enough. That there are always three sides to any story. … Continue reading

The Matric Results – A District Official’s perspective – The Sacrifice it takes

In 2014 I had an opportunity to work with 22 Schools in King William’s Town and East London and it was an eye opening experience, particularly considering that for the first time I was not working just with one part of the education system, but across the spectrum. What the experience has done is give … Continue reading

Coaching Thoughts: …Of Action and Reflection and the Role of GOD

Sometimes God just makes a decision for you, many times He lets you make the decisions, with some guidance, a whisper that is supposed to steer your actions. The challenge with the latter method is that many of us are NOT listening when God talks to us- we are so BUSY, caught up in our … Continue reading

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