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Reflections on Freedom Day 21 years down the line…are we free or are we dom?

Unlike many of the other freedom day holidays, this one is bitter sweet for me. I woke up asking myself are we really free? And my answer was rather Ambivalent. The personal freedoms are there for many – I can play Shirley Brown really loud in my house in the neighbourhood of my choice, I … Continue reading

Is Xenophobia fighting its own irrelevance in the 21st Century – Does it still have a place?

IN CASE NOBODY HAS NOTICED: Many language groups in South Africa intermarry and co-locate and the classification are but theoretical social constructs. This also applies to many of the races, in spite of our sordid past attempts by evil psychopaths to perpetuate the divisions. So If your father is Swedish, your mother is Xhosa and … Continue reading

Reflections of hope & despair…coaching in Education

Today culminated session 1 of the group and individual coaching session to about 32 coachees in schools and district in this region. As I drive out of the district office, I am overwhelmed by a duality of hope and despair at the size of the job that needs to still be done. On day 1 … Continue reading

How we dealt with “Xenophobia” …..in my dream….

Once upon a time, somewhere in the beautiful tropical city in the South of Africa, a traditional leader, well intentioned perhaps, makes a statement to his people that had the unintended consequences of inciting the already pent up frustration of a country ravaged by rampant unemployment and uncontained rage and trauma. The media, as it … Continue reading

Coaching Thoughts: …of Leadership, Economics & “Xenophobia” …

I am speaking to a friend on mine in Tanzania who is travelling now to Nairobi. It comes almost automatically in my mind the response “Watch out for the Al Shabab there- It seems nowhere on the motherland is safe today” – and it strikes me the patterns of terrorism in different shapes and form … Continue reading

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