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Coaching thoughts: …on being human and intra-specific violence

I had a quiet day today, reflecting on this animal called HUMAN …I find us quite interesting. I thought about wolves, Lions, elephants, baboons- at first my hypothesis was that as HUMANS we are the only animal species that kill, maim, steal and manipulate each other. And I began to do a little bit of … Continue reading

Coaching Thoughts:…on relating and relationships …

You see relating to someone is a process, it may be conscious or unconscious, but it’s a process. Continue reading

Coaching Thoughts:….of parenting in the 21century…part 1

DearParents I KNOW it’s not easy (I’ve been there) but when you send your child to university, especially if they are very far away from home, please make sure they have all the basic necessities to keep their dignity. I know many of us that come from an old school want to also teach the … Continue reading

Reflection on the State of the nation – We are a sick nation … yes, we are!

When Mandela died I became worried. Not because Mandela had died- after all he was an old man whose passing I had mourned many months before, as we tend to do with really old people (I cannot imagine what it would feel like to be 93!). What worried me was watching an uncontained, unmanaged public … Continue reading

Reflections on Social Behaviour … Technology style ….

Blinded by our own anger, blind fundamentalism and unconscious insecurity it’s so easy for people to miss a joke on Social networks. So quick to respond without any kind of understanding, because a pause will lose one their race to the podium of likes. We are so quick to then spew our rhetoric on someone … Continue reading

Coaching thoughts…of tears and finding your purpose

Once you discover your purpose, you stop being afraid – because joy overwhelms you. It doesn’t make sense to do silly things anymore- and the things you do, you do because you realise you can never lose. You can only learn, but you can never lose. So you don’t fear. Continue reading

South Africans are not LAZY, perhaps PRIVILIGED…but not Lazy

I was sitting with one of my clients last week and also with one of my Nigerian friends yesterday , speaking global politics and of course local ones as well. The subject of Xenophobia came up, and almost invariably the “South Africans are lazy”(SAAL) line came up. I was quick to point out the fallacy … Continue reading

Reflections on the politics of origin identity…who are you- and how do you know?

One of the more interesting phenomenon I experience whenever I introduce myself is the question “Where are you from?” or more accurately “Where is home?” Many times I struggle to answer that because my origin identity orientation is rather warped. I never really learned to answer that question simply. So inevitably I would precision my … Continue reading

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