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Coaching thoughts:… of stuck-ness and dreams- remember you are stuck because you are in a dream

You left your departure airport heading for a specific destination, you were excited and anxious to get to your destination, you were in a luxury plane- and you wanted to even brag to your friends about it. And then it begins to land in another destination. You step out and realize it’s not the destination … Continue reading

Coaching Thoughts:….Of Leadership Courage & Corruption- It doesn’t happen to us-we allow it!

The latest FIFA scandal only reveals what we already know to be true and have grown to accept, in a way what we have allowed to happen. We call it by many names. And many of us are good people who are “victims” to widespread global corruption- or so we think. I propose though that … Continue reading

Coaching Thoughts:…of systems and professional effectiveness

Sometimes I get a sense working with some coaches & consultants that they believe they are observers in the system they work in. That they can mechanistically  intervene in the system and leave the system untainted by their selves. This couldn’t be any further from the truth. As soon as you walk into the system, … Continue reading

Coaching Thoughts:…of Friendship and 9 Steps to dealing with a fake friend ….

It’s common knowledge that humans are social animals. Our social behaviour occupies a great deal of our time, whether we are at work or leisure. The social “Rules” define a lot of our behaviour and become the unwritten “truths”. In my work with people and relationships, I spend a lot of time helping people work … Continue reading

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