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Reflections on Humanity: … Are we getting worse or becoming more of who we are?

I was reading this article on the Washington Times about how 204 people died in the USA in 204 days and it took me back to my earlier reflections about being human and what that means really. I find I am beginning to form an interesting hypothesis that says that perhaps as humans we are … Continue reading

Beware…..Coaching is not for everyone!!!!

As popular and essential as coaching is, it’s certainly not for everyone. With all the talk about coaching and trying to get everyone to receive the benefits of coaching, it is also important for professional coaches and clients alike to be clear about who coaching will not benefit, or at least what conditions are necessary … Continue reading

Coaching Thoughts:…on “Ubuntu/Botho”, Mandela Day and the Human Condition

While going through my Mandela Day activities on saturday- i could not help but notice how, even with the most cynical of us, it doesn’t take a lot to bring us together to work. I was touched by how people just left their homes to come on a saturday morning to come and just give … Continue reading

Re-thinking Africa- Four Pillars to accelerating Africa growth: A Psycho-social Perspective

I woke up this morning with Africa on my mind, Not for the first time- I live for it and it’s my work everyday, but todday I ma thinking of something specific- reflecting on how sometime as Pro-Africans we think about our problems. 1) We think about our problems as if colonialism ended 50 years … Continue reading

Coaching thoughts…about Coaching success and what makes succesful coaching

Dear Coaching client I have been coaching actively since around 1997- and in all that time until now I can tell you one thing FOR SURE- Coaching only works when YOU work! The difference between succesful coaching relationships and unsuccesful ones is one- AFTER COACHING ACTION! Otherwise, you are wasting your time and the coaches … Continue reading

What is coaching…Really? why should it be protected?

As a professional coach (meaning someone who does coaching for a living, not just as something additional to a main function I am performing from 9 to 5) everytime I meet someone and they call themselves a coach and I listen to how they define coaching, I cringe and sometimes become downright angry, because most … Continue reading

Coaching thoughts:…About Social surfing & managing your reputation online

It’s fascinating for me to see people behaving online as if that is the only life they live, or that they are anonymous or their online lives are separate from their offline lives. One of the advantages that came with improvements in web surfing (I know, nobody uses that word anymore!) since the late 80’s … Continue reading

Coaching thoughts:…of Self efficacy, performance and coaching for performance

In my years of working with and coaching people in business, I had constantly heard of people talking about the concept of self-fulfilling prophecy or “what you believe, will be” and such other clichés referring to people’s beliefs about themselves. This article explores this concept, scientifically referred to as self-efficacy by psychologists and what underlies … Continue reading

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