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Choose your Battles-Ask a question: Secret to a Joyful and Fulfilling life?

Yesterday we were sitting with a friend of mine just talking. The topic of dealing with challenges and life general problems came up. My contribution to this conversation was the lesson I learned from a very wise legendary woman who said once when interviewed on the radio, “One important lesson I have learned in life … Continue reading

Reflections on time orientation and managing oneself through time

I am sitting here in the semi rural area of Limpopo, South Africa- No longer waiting for the curriculum management team that were due for the community of practice session with me, planned and diarised in May of this year and confirmed a few times since the last session we had 3 weeks ago. I … Continue reading

Reflections on racism : unconscious perpetrators and invisible victims…

I woke up this morning to reports about Rosie Perez quitting “The view” and the racist incident that led to that. I won’t post the story here- but you can search for it online. My reflection on it started with a visceral “connection” to her experience, and particularly the powerful forces as the executives asked her … Continue reading

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