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Do entrepreneurs need a business plan- really?

A lot has been said about business planning and the subject of business plans. Some experts are strong proponents of a business plan being a necessary evil to start your business and others are on the other extreme, in favour of hedonistic emergence and maximum flexibility. I see value in both perspectives as well as … Continue reading

Do your clients trust you? Can they?- A short reflection on credibility of the coach

Yesterday in the “Coaching 101: Evoking excellence in others” workshop with prospective coaches- other than the skills of coaching, we spoke about the ethics of coaching and the credibility of the coach: I define credibility as the ability to generate trustworthiness (Makhalima, 2014). My research on credibility revealed 8 elements that contribute to coach credibility- … Continue reading

Life is not short:… A short reflection on life and death in relationships

A few friends of mine lost some loved ones in the last few weeks, and at 4am this morning I get another message from yet another friend who has lost his mother. And generally at this time this is where one starts reflecting deeply about life and the meaning of life. Certainly having lost many … Continue reading

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