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When fear is the enemy: 5 spaces in life where fear is not your friend

I was sitting with a group of dynamic entrepreneurs last Friday just listening in to some of their challenges and successes. What struck me though in the time that I was sitting there was how many times the voice of fear that was lingering in the room kept surfacing. As I lie here reflecting on … Continue reading

What the WITS protests are calling US to do: A Perspective

I have so much to say about what’s happening at WITS right now. But I don’t know where to start. The picture on the left, from Independent News Online, brought me such a strong sense of Deja vu. I remember when I got the telegram in the late 80’s telling me I had been accepted … Continue reading

Zonke’s Work of Heart is Solid & Heart felt – Almost a work of art….

At the risk of pretending like my opinion means anything, I have been spending some time with this- Zonke’s latest offering. In case you have been thinking whether to get it or not- here’s my two penny’s worth. The only thing that detracts from this album’s virtues are the uninspiring forgettable melodies- she didn’t really … Continue reading

When Talent is not enough- Reflections on showing up and presence

There’s something about “showing up” that surpasses talent for anyone who is serving his product to the public- entrepreneur, artist, public servant. Yesterday I watched the difference between Zonke and a young artist that performed before her- Berita. I don’t want to compare their talent here as it will detract from the point I am … Continue reading

A Day in my life…A state of the nation in the Magistrate’s Court Queue…

Yesterday I was in the Magistrates court sorting out my traffic fines out (yes, I have been told I have a fast car- I don’t see it really- I just drive like Miss Daisy). We started a conversation with two Caucasian ladies flanking me and we started talking about the traffic fines administration and invariably … Continue reading

…Of Learning, Knowledge and success

Yesterday I attended an event in the rural areas of Limpopo somewhere. One thing I like about being in the rural areas is the mere experience of being in an unfamiliar space. But what is also useful is watching some of the behaviour of people untainted by city rules and perceived pretensions that go with … Continue reading

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