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Who gave you your truth? Reflections on Social Programming and Personal Development

Ah the power of socialization! It “tells” us who we can be, how to be it and many times even what to think. It is so powerful as a source of learning that many people do not even realise when they are merely repeating the patterns of the predominant society they are in. It is … Continue reading

….of Problem and possibility thinking

This morning I rushed to a breakfast meeting at the mall. In my haste i forgot to take my cards, drivers license- etc out of yesterday’s clothes. I order and wait for the supplier, who eventually arrive and as we chat I realize somehow that I actually don’t have money or cards to pay. So … Continue reading

What the Mali situation says about the State of world leadership

I won’t pretend to understand what is happening in Mali. I know one thing for sure we are sorely in need of a new kind of leader aĺl over the world. We need to reverse the sins of the past, and this can’t be done if we continue working at the same level as that … Continue reading


many times i really don’t see the point of being a jerk to other people. it seems like a pointless application of energy when there are so many things to do. we live in a world where everything moves at what seems like warp speed. being a jerk to others kinda slows one down surely? … Continue reading

How to build success and successful relationships: Reflections on the meaning of meaning

This morning I am preoccupied by the meaning of meaning. I was sitting with a couple of young entrepreneurs who had asked me to come and address them on certain issues relating to their businesses and life. Of course my responses to many issues is not exactly “Normal” or standard- which led to some mild … Continue reading

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