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Reconciliation in Black and White: Reflections on the psychological State of the nation

On this reconciliation day I reflect on our history as South Africans- and where we are, especially considering the last 5 days. I reflect at the brokenness and how it perpetuates itself and doesn’t allow a lot of space for healing. I reflect on the role of leadership, all of our leadership in creating a … Continue reading

Zuma’s #NeneGate – What it tells me about South Africans, media and Leadership

Watching this Zuma #NeneGate is yet another indicator of how as South African people consume and distribute news and ideas. We don’t really try to investigate too much anymore. In our urge to break a scoop, we find ourselves  parroting and passing on what sometimes is dangerous and uninformed opinions as facts. For example many … Continue reading

Can everybody be coached?

On his show earlier this year, Rams Mabote asked me if anybody can be coached- and my answer was a resounding yes. Everybody CAN! Readiness though is something else, many times when people ask to receive coaching, they are not really asking (they are playing to the pavilion or just following the crowd), or sometimes … Continue reading

Can organisations be more humane?

What I hate about Disciplinary cases is that by the time one happens, it’s usually too late to save the employment relationship. Mostly because by that time so much water has gone under the bridge that there isn’t enough to douse the flames of a diminishing employment relationship. Many times it’s because of this weird … Continue reading

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