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Is it time for the lion to tell it’s tale…?

tumblr_lrexcmfduz1qjq2wqEish…everytime I allow myself to read my timeline early in the morning, i just get upset nje.
In particular the last two days by how this case of Gareth Cliff and M-net is reported. Each time I see a misleading headline I feel like either shutting the whole internet so that these misleaders can have no channel to mislead the gullible. Otherwise I feel I could just take a loud hailer and shout into the “journalist” ears and go HE DID NOT WIN…GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT.
And please don’t get me wrong I have nothing against M-Net or Gareth. I just feel we are in a time in our country where our media in particular is critical in educating the nation and holding a balanced view of issues.
But i suppose i expect too much. Sometimes competence has nothing to do with it I suppose. I don’t want to accuse our media of perhaps carrying a divisive agenda rather than a building Agenda.
I want to believe somehow that there is someone somewhere who is also on the side of justice, order and equity. I truly do. But I have to admit it right here, the faith is practically gone.
With the revelation of the News24 shenanigans and the claims of the hate machine out there, the mess at ANN, etc. I’m just concerned that THE PEOPLE don’t have anyone on their side. The story of the lion and the hunter all over again.
Elsewhere on my previous essays I was scathing in my contention that we the people (read non racists, hard working, concerned people of this country) are rather naive in our consumption of the media. But of course that’s one side. Then there is this side of the story.
Perhaps the old Kenyan proverb is apt at this time: … until the lion can tell his own story, the tales of the hunt will always glorify the hunter.
Until then I will work in being upset less and Acknowledging more of a situation we are in. Better still influence where I can to help the few I touch to go “I didn’t think about it that way…”. After all THAT’S my job.
Have a great day…and enjoy your newspapers. Good fiction never came cheaper!


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4 thoughts on “Is it time for the lion to tell it’s tale…?

  1. Please tell me what you mean by saying he did not win? Gareth Cliff won his case in that Mnet had to re-instate his employment contract. Is that not so? I think you mean something else though so please elaborate for me, thanks Penny

    Posted by Penny de Vries | February 2, 2016, 2:20 pm
    • Hi Penny – The case was in two parts- the first was to get interim relief (i.e be re-instated into his role while part B of the case was going on) and part B was then to determine the main case- substantiveness and constitutionality of his dismissal and decide on the damages thereof (the famous R25Mil).
      What he has “won” is Part A of the case- i.e an instruction to MNet to honor the contract.
      The effect of this is that Mnet can then cancel this contract the following day if they so wished. They didn’t and the following day all parties saying let bygones be bygones- two possibilities here:
      1) Mnet has really incompetent lawyers that could not even spot a victory lying on a tenuous contractual decision.
      2) They were both in this as a marketing ploy.
      I suspect the latter to be the case.
      My concern though is the unintended consequences of this for the Freedom of speech and racism debate going on in this country. But that’s a diffrent conversation.
      Thank you for checking – and reading.

      Posted by The Muse | February 3, 2016, 6:42 am

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