Photo: Ron Hansen

A thought I wake up with is : many of us don’t know our own strength. We are not even close to realising the power within us. Many times it’s because we don’t perceive the world as it is…but as we fantasise about it.
Other times it’s this false idea of humility which actually becomes extreme self deprecation and self doubt.
We listen to people tell us who we are, but many of us stop there. And live the rest of our lives with that “reality”. The great ones are those who continue to explore, to check and be curious about the self and others. They stumble on to flexible boundaries and keep on pushing and testing til they come to the bounds of the universe…or at least what they think is the boundary and they push some more…to realise that perhaps the universe is boundless.
Adversity for many is a source of fear, but for those who seek greatness, adversity presents an opportunity. To learn, to grow, to feel more, to see more…to do more. Then to stop. Reflect and realize. In the realization is the power of recreation and reshaping of old ideas about the self and others. That’s the genesis of wisdom. Wisdom is not about what you know. It’s about reflexive realization of what you know. Wisdom is working with knowledge in all your senses and underpinning that universal knowing with universal human purpose. Perhaps it can be argued that there’s nothing like universal human purpose. I would probably say the same. However i believe all of us have a purpose. To Love.
Not the romantic construct that we have come to giggle about and dismiss as soon as adversity shows up.
I’m talking about the hard version that recognizes we are all tied together in a single fate. That what I do has an effect on you and the rest of the generations after. And to care enough to consider that in my decisions. That’s LOVE.
…and I don’t think many of us get how powerful that centre is. If we don’t know this power, how can we speak of humility? I have learned humility is not lowering yourself. Humility is knowing you have power and deciding to use it for the benefit of all rather than for yourself. A humble man is not the one who lowers himself and acts like he doesn’t have knowledge and wisdom and experience. A humble man is the one who knows that knowledge, wisdom and experience is but part of a big picture.
I believe in this journey of universal human purpose your power lies in recognizing you have one piece of a boundless universe. And if we deny this, our piece of the puzzle, we are denying the world our gift. We are not doing our work. We are not doing the work of LOVE. 

All I’m saying is : We don’t know our own strength. …

(Excerpt from my upcoming book “Reflections on the Science of Manifestation”)