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….on Faith and Fear in the journey to manifestation

stock_photos_104Many times it’s so hard to leave it up to God – but there’s a reason it’s called FAITH. A belief in the things as yet unseen.
Believing what you have control over is enough to have effected the manifestation. Being ok with the fact that you have done all you can.
Many times we struggle with Faith because we KNOW we can do more. But for whatever reason, we don’t do more. Usually this reason is FEAR. You see, you can’t have faith and have fear. They are two sides of the same coin. So to be faithful you just have to BELIEVE. Like you already BELIEVE that the plane will land, like you Believe you will wake up. What is the basis of those beliefs? Inspite of evidence that planes have fallen from the sky, evidence that people die in their sleep, we believe nevertheless. Why?
My idea is that we believe because we know we haven’t got control over some things. We believe that we have done all we can. So faith is then the belief that you have done all you can within your power.
It doesn’t mean GIVING UP. That’s something different. There’s a feeling associated with FAITH which is different from GIVING UP: That feeling is CONTENTMENT. When you are in Faith mode you have PEACE in your soul. You are calm. Like the calm you feel when you go to bed with the belief that nothing’s wrong with you. That you will wake up. You don’t even think about the possibility of not waking up.
The other feeling is gratitude. If you pay attention to the states of faith, you will realise a small voice that keep saying THANK YOU. It’s as if success has happened. That whatever the outcome. It’s OK.
That’s different from giving up. Giving up leaves you hollow, defeated, useless even….like you know you can do more but you are possibly just too tired, unmotivated and you just want to stop. To let go.
And to get back to a faithful state, you do just that. Let go. Not in a giving up sense. But in a sense that acknowledges that “I’m not seeing everything. I’m not accessing all my power.” Yes, it sounds strange. You have to be weak in order to access your strength. Because our strength many times does not lie in CONTROL. It lies in Faith. Belief in people. Belief in situations. Belief in you. Belief in YOUR God. It’s all of that.
I have had a lot of situations in my life where letting go of the steering wheel is the best thing one can do for one’s intended outcomes to manifest. Of course many of those times it hadn’t necessarily been out of faith as much as it was out of instinct. But I had not learned enough then. I know now to let go with volition.
The final piece to this is the role of EGO in the process of manifestation. Ego in this instance is a composite construct that relate to the image of self. It’s not the self. Because the self is a whole lot bigger than what we can see. The whole self is a whole lot more overwhelming. It can, and does scare many people. I remember the first time it fully struck me how MUCH there is that IS me. Ke ile ka shapiwa ke letswalo: I got such a fright! I contacted my coach there and then on the phone, really just to help me wrap my mind and heart around all of it. I remember it so vividly. And I remember that fear. Hence many people stay at the level of ego.
The ego’s just the IMAGE of how we see ourselves. When we are attached to this image and believe it is WHO WE ARE, then we are in an Ego driven space. We will do many things to protect this image. Sometimes do silly things. Stupid things. Because it’s precious to us. And that’s not wrong or right. It just is.
What is important is to realise that the image one is protecting is not all of you. And by asking what more am I not seeing, it opens you up to a place of purpose. It elevates you to a space of FAITH. Where you realise “there’s more to me than that which I’m in control of”. That you don’t HAVE to know everything, see everything, BE everything to fulfill purpose. You just have to believe more exists somewhere.

That’s Faith.

(Excerpt from my upcoming book : Reflections on the Science of Manifestation)


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