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Leadership is dead. Long live leadership : A short reflection on the state of leadership

If I’m a fundamentalist anything I’m a leadership and humanist fundamentalist. I figure if We went back to the basics of what Leadership is about, then it would make things a whole lot easier for leaders wouldn’t it? Because Leadership’s really about serving people and communities and nations isn’t it? It’s about maximizing resources towards … Continue reading

Reflections on June 16 uprisings 40yrs later- A Leadership Perspective

Sitting here in Lusaka watching the sunrise as I prepare to run a refresher module for my coaching programme for my Zambian students I’m missing out on a holiday at home. But perhaps it’s a good thing. For those who know the history of our struggle of South Africans against apartheid, many would be aware … Continue reading

Reflecting on the passing of Hope Zinde and parenting in the 21st Century

The skills it needs are so simple, yet so hard to apply by parents overwhelmed by a fast and demanding world. Continue reading

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