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It’s time the relationship between Africa and it’s women change drastically – A Women’s day message

Africa’s relationship with its women has always been pretty interesting. On the one hand the women are revered for their “magical powers”, their ability to conceive and raise future generations, most often single handed. The mystery of their intuition and the quiet strength they possess continue to drive the narrative in appreciative societies. Planets are … Continue reading

…of Uvalo and unembeza- the two essences of leadership courage and humility

In the run up to the 2016 local government elections in my country South Africa, the words “Uvalo” and “unembeza” came into sharp focus in the social narrative.Both these words came out very strongly in the South African ruling party, ANC’s campaign for the local government elections. In many ways underlining what some were seeing … Continue reading

Reflections on the Local Government Elections 2016 – Splits and stones and the plight of leadership

Facebook While going about with my day work, my one eye is tracking how these election results unfold. The social narrative and the unspoken behaviours artefacts and unconscious patterns of behaviour and it leads me to one big conclusion: We are far from a healed nation. We are a nation in splinters, the splinters for … Continue reading

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