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Facebook Etiquette- A personal reflection

I’m beginning to realize the joy of Facebook is the art of the replies. Otherwise you are pretty much talking to yourself. So far I have observed through the years that these rules make pleasurable interactions for me: Respond TO the post, not write your own thing that has nothing to do with the status … Continue reading

…And George Michael passes peacefully in his sleep-What can WE do differently?

Whenever a legendary artist passes on it does tend to amplify our attention to him or her in a way that is different from when s/he was alive doesn’t it? And the hysteria and the social mourning that follows, albeit overwhelming, is normal isnt it? I think so. I know there are those who tend … Continue reading

If banks are really serious about customer service- they need to think differently!

I am lucky I suppose to have worked in the Financial services industry for over eleven years, and be involved in the transformation processes aimed at (at least superficially) making banking more accessible to the masses. And of course continuing that journey in the last 11 years, I have been coaching and consulting to 8 … Continue reading

The Six things I have done to simplify my life – A reflection on a decade 2006-2016

I have grown to realize many of us live very complicated lives, mostly by unconscious choice. Life  IS complex, but it doesn’t have to be complicated too. I have in the last decade set to deliberately simplify my life and I have realized these six things have helped immensely in that journey: Be clear about … Continue reading

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