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Towards a South Africa we want to live in- A needs based approach

Reading the article by Ricardo Hausmann ( https://www.project-syndicate.org/commentary/south-africa-zuma-knowhow-shortage-by-ricardo-hausmann-2017-03 ) and its analysis on why South Africa has failed to reach the objectives it set itself in 1994 so far and the “radical” tone of the South African President’s recent State-Of-The-Nation (SONA) speech I believe the author misses the point by assuming facts not in evidence. … Continue reading

…on giving and receiving and freeing yourself from resentment

Charity, Aid, support, help, gift: it comes in many names…. The danger in giving someone the help they didn’t ask for lies in your expectations. For many people offer help with the expectations of appreciation,  perhaps even celebration and validation. When that does not happen many become disenchanted, disillusioned and disappointed. Because then the receiver … Continue reading

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