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Reflections on Freedom day 2017: A National Values Approach

Every time on this day, I am filled with both hope and frustration at the same time as I reflect on where we are as a country. Cynicism abounds on my social media timeline by the well-heeled and educated and of course a huge dose of skepticism by the man on the street whose main … Continue reading

#DearLeader how do you lead in complexity?

The secret to working with complexity, I have discovered, is emerging the patterns in relation to purpose.Without ignoring the complexity itself. That’s some hard sh*t to do. So forget about this being easy. That’s the first step. If you have 4 rainfalls in a year…and they never seem to fall when *expected*, it will do … Continue reading

…Of Global leadership and the African imperative- Designing a 22nd Century Africa

You know sometimes working with these global firms, I have realised how disrespectful and arrogant some of the global executives can be. I am not surprised at all at the gall of the staff of the United Airlines and their behaviour. It is a culture of arrogance that I see sometimes each time I interact … Continue reading

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