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#DearLeader how do you lead in complexity?

IMG-20160502-WA0003.jpgThe secret to working with complexity, I have discovered, is emerging the patterns in relation to purpose.Without ignoring the complexity itself.
That’s some hard sh*t to do. So forget about this being easy. That’s the first step.
If you have 4 rainfalls in a year…and they never seem to fall when *expected*, it will do you well to suspend the expectation (your expected clarity of how it SHOULD BE) and exploit some value from the rain itself.
While paying attention to how it has rained before, how it is raining now and how it is forecast. (Presence).
Finally ask…is this in line with the direction in which I am going? Or is it just keeping me busy- many people keep themselves with details of things that have no business capturing their attention.
When I mentioned this, someone asked me- do you mean we should work without a plan? Absolutely NOT!
Working without a plan is chaotic. But being ruled by the plan is ignorant. What I am encouraging is for conscious response to the moment informed by vision and awareness that nothing will turn out the way you want- almost never! But it might turn out better or worse. Be ready!
You will increase your chances to respond productively to this complexity by increasing the time spent on Reflective learning (looking backwards on your day, week, month, etc to see patterns that emerge) and forward learning (what new skills, resources, knowledge are required and what is happening already immediately ahead of you).
With all this clarity of vision is a non-negotiable. Otherwise you are just keeping yourself busy!


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