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…Of Depression and mental health

depressionDepression is a very serious ‘condition’ once you adopt it. Yes, i said ADOPT it, because you don’t CATCH IT, like the flu. And it’s not something you HAVE like leprosy or cancer.

It is not a disease, even though it does lead to dis-ease. Depression is an emotional response to the world that starts with one event that we respond to negatively, and eventually, as it happens with the wiring of most of us, it becomes the way we PERCEIVE the world.

It is very real at that time, to the person that is oriented that way.

SO you cannot tell a person that is emotionally depressed to just SNAP OUT OF IT. It takes work to help the people to start shifting the frame of mind such that the root mechanism that led to depressive thinking is unraveled.

So when someone shows “symptoms of” depression, the first thing is to PAY ATTENTION. Be there without imposing yourself on the person. Create a space for them to have someone to talk to.

It is however even better that the person speak to a professional. Therapists are trained in techniques to help people unravel the mechanism that leads to depressive thinking.

The person can be healthy again, and go back to joy and excitement, with family and friends support.

Just DON’T IGNORE IT. Once a person is trapped in a depressive cycle, it can be overwhelming and it can lead them to endangering their health further or even their life.

If you know someone that is caught in a depressive cycle, you may refer them to SADAG 0800 12 13 14 if it looks like an emergency case otherwise my office 0127517608 to make an initial free discussion with the individual.


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