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Be well…

  This life is not for soft people my friends. Take care of your spirit and cultivate resilience, and by that I don’t mean coping by all means, I mean knowing also when to cry and ask for help. Know who you can trust, and learn the wisdom in surrender. And by that I mean … Continue reading

Don’t start with a job… Start with YOU.

Two of my many passions… Business and music. The others are leadership and humanity/sociology. As humans we have facets that are informed by our interests. The mistake society still makes is equating interests with careers/jobs. Your interests can be very wide as a human being, depending on your make up (Values, Motives, Personality) and this … Continue reading

Reflections on racism: The paradox of the cancer with benefits

The thing about isms is that they essentially are belief constructs that have nothing to do with reality, but are lived as if they are true… Just like sexism and ageism, the beliefs underlying racism are fantasies about the world that do not really exist. Our stupidity of course as people is we seek easy … Continue reading

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