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Resilience and Agility: towards attaining peace in a chaotic world

I am pre-occupied this week with how to teach people to not allow the world to direct their feelings and actions so much! Much of our stress lies in reacting to a chaotic instead of responding deliberately to it. Last saturday I was sitting with a number of MBA students who are 6 months into … Continue reading

Why is it that some great innovations in organisations don’t fly?

When an institution implements technological improvements, it is always the people who will get in the way, not the technology. The resistance to change is one big element that threatens and sometimes halts business innovation. It is critical in innovation design to prioritize mindset change as well as skills development to support the staff tovtake … Continue reading

Elections SA 2019:It’s not really time to celebrate

I know dangerously little about politics, I’m just a leadership guy. But with my humble eye, I see that the only parties that should be celebrating these results are the EFF and the VF+ with a massive growth in their representation. The rest of us need to really be sitting at the bar nursing pain … Continue reading

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