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Reflecting on the skills required for the 21st Century and relationship to increasing suicide

Yesterday was world suicide prevention day. With 800k deaths in the world last year from suicide, essentially works out to a suicide every 40 second. The numbers have doubled in Kenya, and Lesotho has the highest rates. Now, I Just got off the phone with one of my staffers in Lilongwe as well as a … Continue reading

The Passing of Robert Mugabe: The End of an era?

News came in this morning about the passing of the former Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe. In the midst of sudden continent wide unrest with South Africa as a centre. Challenges in the Sudan and the DrC facing both another ebola outbreak as well as continuing border challenges. On the other end the WEF Africa taking … Continue reading

South Africa doesn’t have a foreigner problem… It has a WE problem

I live in this country… I was born in Soweto, raised in Alexander, earned my basic schooling in Tembisa and eventually moved on North to Pitori. Where I grew up we didn’t have foreigners. We had Malawians, xhosas, tsongas, bapedi, mozambicans, batswana ba freistata le ba botswana, ma Zimbabwe and other nations I never encountered. … Continue reading

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