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A reflection on the year that was: The Africa We Want to Live in at the end of a decade

This is my short reflection on the continent as the year that also closes the decade closes. 2019 was the year of the election across the world, an emphasis on climate change and its impact on all of our futures. There were protest action essentially in every part of the world, some an authentic rise … Continue reading

Take care of your spirit this holiday season

When I was growing up we were told talking to oneself is a sign of madness. It so happens that’s only half the truth. … It so happens we talk to ourselves all the time, except we do so quietly in our heads. I have learned after years of studying human behaviour and working with … Continue reading

South Africa needs SAA. It’s a matter of national pride, here’s why…

With the current situation at the SAA, I have seen a lot of reports and opinion pieces written from experts about why we need or don’t need SAA. Most of it though is based on financial rationale mostly, with some operational considerations of course. All combined with a dash of the political and ideological. This … Continue reading

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