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Understanding why people don’t change even when it’s good for them: Change & Learned Helplessness

Sometimes when a human or an animal has been subjected to difficult situations for too long, they start developing ways if being that “Assume” the reality of that situation and as such learn to be “Helpless” in that situation. This concept is called “Learned Helplessness” According to Encyclopedia Brittanica, “Learned helplessness, in psychology, a mental … Continue reading

Could your beliefs about money be holding you back?

We live in a world designed around money. And acting like money is not important might perhaps slow you down from getting to your “money doesn’t matter” ideal world. I did this experiment on Saturday last week. I imagined that I don’t have a single cent. And I wanted to go to the mall to … Continue reading

Leadership and Impulse Control: What is it and what to do about it.

I have been noticing this issue of impulse control, i. e The propensity for a leader to be impulsive in their response to stimuli in the leaders I work with lately. These kinds of leaders would interrupt others very often, make rash decisions that sometimes get them in personal or organisational trouble, and sometimes it … Continue reading


In her passing, Mama Winnie continues to be the exposition of the cruelty of the apartheid system, she is the phenomenon of how apartheid lives iin us even as she leaves this life. An attestation and exposition of the mechanics of the system that has so cruelly ripped a nation apart even today. She continues … Continue reading

So I finally went to see Black Panther…

Shem, I eventually allowed myself to be encouraged to go see the wakanda movie. I’m glad I did. I understand now the hype and the conversation about it. It’s a very important movie. And beautifully made. Reminded me why I love movies so much. Not just for the art, but for the way a well … Continue reading

Inxeba: our culture doesn’t need protecting

Finally got to watch what the big deal is about with this here movie, John Trengrove’s “Inxeba” When people get over their hang ups and discomfort about their own anxiety in “protecting culture” that doesn’t need protecting, I hope they get to watch this well made South African piece of art. I will help the … Continue reading

Do Technology companies live to their promises?

So my experience with technology and technology providers in my country is so disjunctured. Starting with the promises I get when i buy a technology service, to the actual experience I have afterwards, yho! It has cost me more money to set up the latest connectivity solution than their initial promise, and their promise for … Continue reading

Government needs to be more decisive about language policy in schools

To be honest this issue of language policy in schools annoys me. It is yet another way government is being namby pamby about a critical transformation issue. I still don’t understand how today in South Africa a child cannot study in a language of his choice. Most importantly I don’t understand why Afrikaans is still … Continue reading

An avenue of interrupted dreams

Sometimes when reality gets complicated, nothing like a visit to this township to give you perspective. In 35°C heat, the breeze was blowing gently, it was quiet. Somewhere was a family with 5 children having a picknick on the side of the road. I found myself remembering yet again…this is where most of us will … Continue reading

Protecting Confidentiality and privacy of clients in the days of social media

Dear Consultant/Contractor In the days of social networking it is easier to acquire information and distribute it. While we talk about professionalism in the relationship between a contractor and a client, one thing that symbolizes your professionalism is the management of confidentiality and privacy of your client’s information. As a consultant/coach you are allowed into … Continue reading

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