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Perspectives on Entrepreneurship : Four elements that differentiate sustainable enterprises from the also-rans

I work with many entrepreneurs, most with great ideas, who end up losing their assets and intellectual property because they focus on the quick benefits mentality as opposed to sustainable strategies to bring their ideas to life. The clever people, who see the value of the assets are quick to buy them out, or even … Continue reading

Yet another testimony of why Aretha is Queen- So Damn Happy!

If you want to know why Aretha Franklin was Queen, listen to this album. A modern album, but powerful in its prowess. Showcasing Aretha’s currency – Adaptability. She was really great at adjusting and remaining relevant. With drum programming and digital beats and some hood slang thrown in for goid measure, The Queen, wasn’t trying … Continue reading

…. Of being used and abused in relationships : Paying attention to early signals of abuse

Ever felt like something is not right in a relationship that was going well and all of a sudden seems to be “feeling weird” and you don’t know why? It may be early signs of betrayal of trust and abuse onset. Betrayal is not only overt, with clear malicious actions by “enemies”.. Sometimes betrayal takes … Continue reading

We have created our depression: Reflections on our socially imposed mental health issues

Even in his passing, Dr Mayosi remains a giant in his contribution to the national narrative about some of the social conversations we are usually afraid to have. For the last week or so I have been observing how amateurs and experts, sufferers and detractors alike are having a conversation about the nature of stress … Continue reading

Language is not about words…

For as long as I can remember, I have always been a writer. Not just in terms of “writing”, as in putting the words down. But I have always known from a very early age, the power of words. I think, no, I believe I already knew from even that time, as it is anecdoted, … Continue reading

Be well…

  This life is not for soft people my friends. Take care of your spirit and cultivate resilience, and by that I don’t mean coping by all means, I mean knowing also when to cry and ask for help. Know who you can trust, and learn the wisdom in surrender. And by that I mean … Continue reading

Don’t start with a job… Start with YOU.

Two of my many passions… Business and music. The others are leadership and humanity/sociology. As humans we have facets that are informed by our interests. The mistake society still makes is equating interests with careers/jobs. Your interests can be very wide as a human being, depending on your make up (Values, Motives, Personality) and this … Continue reading

Reflections on racism: The paradox of the cancer with benefits

The thing about isms is that they essentially are belief constructs that have nothing to do with reality, but are lived as if they are true… Just like sexism and ageism, the beliefs underlying racism are fantasies about the world that do not really exist. Our stupidity of course as people is we seek easy … Continue reading

Understanding why people don’t change even when it’s good for them: Change & Learned Helplessness

Sometimes when a human or an animal has been subjected to difficult situations for too long, they start developing ways if being that “Assume” the reality of that situation and as such learn to be “Helpless” in that situation. This concept is called “Learned Helplessness” According to Encyclopedia Brittanica, “Learned helplessness, in psychology, a mental … Continue reading

Could your beliefs about money be holding you back?

We live in a world designed around money. And acting like money is not important might perhaps slow you down from getting to your “money doesn’t matter” ideal world. I did this experiment on Saturday last week. I imagined that I don’t have a single cent. And I wanted to go to the mall to … Continue reading

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