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Why is it that some great innovations in organisations don’t fly?

When an institution implements technological improvements, it is always the people who will get in the way, not the technology. The resistance to change is one big element that threatens and sometimes halts business innovation. It is critical in innovation design to prioritize mindset change as well as skills development to support the staff tovtake … Continue reading

…. Of being used and abused in relationships : Paying attention to early signals of abuse

Ever felt like something is not right in a relationship that was going well and all of a sudden seems to be “feeling weird” and you don’t know why? It may be early signs of betrayal of trust and abuse onset. Betrayal is not only overt, with clear malicious actions by “enemies”.. Sometimes betrayal takes … Continue reading

Understanding why people don’t change even when it’s good for them: Change & Learned Helplessness

Sometimes when a human or an animal has been subjected to difficult situations for too long, they start developing ways if being that “Assume” the reality of that situation and as such learn to be “Helpless” in that situation. This concept is called “Learned Helplessness” According to Encyclopedia Brittanica, “Learned helplessness, in psychology, a mental … Continue reading

It’s time the relationship between Africa and it’s women change drastically – A Women’s day message

Africa’s relationship with its women has always been pretty interesting. On the one hand the women are revered for their “magical powers”, their ability to conceive and raise future generations, most often single handed. The mystery of their intuition and the quiet strength they possess continue to drive the narrative in appreciative societies. Planets are … Continue reading


Sitting here reflecting on relationships and I realise many times when people get into a relating experience with someone they always wanted, they then relax and forget to remain conscious of the environment around them and the life of that relationship. It doesn’t mean because you have nabbed your wife/husband/boyfriend/girlfriend, that your lives stop or … Continue reading

…Of Learning, Knowledge and success

Yesterday I attended an event in the rural areas of Limpopo somewhere. One thing I like about being in the rural areas is the mere experience of being in an unfamiliar space. But what is also useful is watching some of the behaviour of people untainted by city rules and perceived pretensions that go with … Continue reading

Coaching Thoughts:…on “Ubuntu/Botho”, Mandela Day and the Human Condition

While going through my Mandela Day activities on saturday- i could not help but notice how, even with the most cynical of us, it doesn’t take a lot to bring us together to work. I was touched by how people just left their homes to come on a saturday morning to come and just give … Continue reading

Coaching thoughts…about Coaching success and what makes succesful coaching

Dear Coaching client I have been coaching actively since around 1997- and in all that time until now I can tell you one thing FOR SURE- Coaching only works when YOU work! The difference between succesful coaching relationships and unsuccesful ones is one- AFTER COACHING ACTION! Otherwise, you are wasting your time and the coaches … Continue reading

Coaching thoughts:…About Social surfing & managing your reputation online

It’s fascinating for me to see people behaving online as if that is the only life they live, or that they are anonymous or their online lives are separate from their offline lives. One of the advantages that came with improvements in web surfing (I know, nobody uses that word anymore!) since the late 80’s … Continue reading

Coaching thoughts:…of Self efficacy, performance and coaching for performance

In my years of working with and coaching people in business, I had constantly heard of people talking about the concept of self-fulfilling prophecy or “what you believe, will be” and such other clichés referring to people’s beliefs about themselves. This article explores this concept, scientifically referred to as self-efficacy by psychologists and what underlies … Continue reading

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