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The Passing of Robert Mugabe: The End of an era?

News came in this morning about the passing of the former Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe. In the midst of sudden continent wide unrest with South Africa as a centre. Challenges in the Sudan and the DrC facing both another ebola outbreak as well as continuing border challenges. On the other end the WEF Africa taking … Continue reading

South Africa doesn’t have a foreigner problem… It has a WE problem

I live in this country… I was born in Soweto, raised in Alexander, earned my basic schooling in Tembisa and eventually moved on North to Pitori. Where I grew up we didn’t have foreigners. We had Malawians, xhosas, tsongas, bapedi, mozambicans, batswana ba freistata le ba botswana, ma Zimbabwe and other nations I never encountered. … Continue reading

Reflecting on the spiritual work of modern executives

A lot of the challenges that face executives in corporate today are not competence issues but spiritual challenges. And when I speak about spiritual challenges, I am not talking some ethereal emotional boo boo, but the essence of contribution that we all are born with as a gift/contribution to mother earth, as part of a … Continue reading

Let’s talk about the patterns of complicity of parents in alleged paedophilia cases

So I went out searching to see if there a study published somewhere about parents who want to be stars themselves, who then push their children into the star/celebrities’ life, as a mechanism of attaining this fame? Perhaps also of well meaning parents who want the best for their children by “Encouraging” their children into … Continue reading

Executive Presence starts with leadership self awareness

When I work with executives and share the psychological models, my frame is not about wrong behaviour or right behaviour, but about introducing the vocabulary to speak about themselves and create an opportunity for choice. It is always fascinating to watch when some leaders reject the image in the mirror at that time, and sometimes … Continue reading

Trusting Intelligently : Tshwenyane e boya bonthla e a ikilela

A setswana proverb goes : Tshwenyane e boya bonthla e a ikilela. We were having a chat with a friend of mine about this, in the morning and were reflecting on how growing up in certain places hones particular instincts. Growing up in three of the notorious transvaal, now Gauteng townships, I developed sharp instincts … Continue reading

In the frenzy of that matric pass mark, let’s not forget the journey of those who passed

I Just got off a great call with my friend and coach associate I have not spoken too in many moons and our chat reminded me of how, in the frenzy of this ever important pass mark, we tend to neglect the back story of those who passed matric, considering the conditions still that many … Continue reading

7 Pieces of advice from a veteran to my fellow younger citizens

As the new year starts, I find many of the young citizens that surround me for one reason or another. To some I’m a mentor, to others I’m the boss, yet to others I’m the client, uncle, dad, brother, etc. Most importantly the youth make up a big portion of the the African population, so … Continue reading

The Clifton sheep on the altar of a South African search for a unified identity

My reading of this Clifton sheep saga says it goes beyond the sheep, it is an unconscious, perhaps even deliberate reclaiming of belonging. It is a telling tale of the unveiling of the post-Mandelian bandages on the psyche of a nation that has never really bought into a borrowed identity. The thing about a rainbow … Continue reading

Be well…

  This life is not for soft people my friends. Take care of your spirit and cultivate resilience, and by that I don’t mean coping by all means, I mean knowing also when to cry and ask for help. Know who you can trust, and learn the wisdom in surrender. And by that I mean … Continue reading

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