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When it comes to consumption of News, it’s important to remember YOU ARE THE PRODUCT

Believing in social and mainstream media without critical analysis will make a fool of you. Question your sources A LOT! Remember YOU ARE THE PRODUCT, and the stories are just bait to catch your attention. Travelling across the continent I notice many of us tend to generalise snippets of information into a general reality of … Continue reading

Let’s talk about the patterns of complicity of parents in alleged paedophilia cases

So I went out searching to see if there a study published somewhere about parents who want to be stars themselves, who then push their children into the star/celebrities’ life, as a mechanism of attaining this fame? Perhaps also of well meaning parents who want the best for their children by “Encouraging” their children into … Continue reading

Executive Presence starts with leadership self awareness

When I work with executives and share the psychological models, my frame is not about wrong behaviour or right behaviour, but about introducing the vocabulary to speak about themselves and create an opportunity for choice. It is always fascinating to watch when some leaders reject the image in the mirror at that time, and sometimes … Continue reading

There are NO TYPES… Just humans: A 1 in 8 Billion relationship problem.

Technically there’s no human archetype. Because of the variables that go into making us who we are, some known, some yet to be discovered, it is impossible I believe to have an one size fits all… Or even 16 or 71 fits all 8 Billion. Which is one of the contributions to the difficulty in … Continue reading

#DearEntrepreneur Do you investigate your funder’s Bona Fides

Yesterday while sitting signing a grant agreement at one of the grant making institution, i started a conversation about due diligence and funders. The gentleman serving us expressed a sentiment that if a funder comes with money, he would just take it and go and do what needs to be done. This is a sentiment … Continue reading

The Minister, the sextape and the social sexual conscience

South Africans are pretty interesting crowd. We generally are a great, polite and NICE group of people. Perhaps even submissive sometimes until someone arouses our collective excitement or ire… And we go ballistic. Especially online! The privates of our minister became a recent source of this arousal. You see, the thing is we have these … Continue reading

Perspectives on Entrepreneurship : Four elements that differentiate sustainable enterprises from the also-rans

I work with many entrepreneurs, most with great ideas, who end up losing their assets and intellectual property because they focus on the quick benefits mentality as opposed to sustainable strategies to bring their ideas to life. The clever people, who see the value of the assets are quick to buy them out, or even … Continue reading

Yet another testimony of why Aretha is Queen- So Damn Happy!

If you want to know why Aretha Franklin was Queen, listen to this album. A modern album, but powerful in its prowess. Showcasing Aretha’s currency – Adaptability. She was really great at adjusting and remaining relevant. With drum programming and digital beats and some hood slang thrown in for goid measure, The Queen, wasn’t trying … Continue reading

We have created our depression: Reflections on our socially imposed mental health issues

Even in his passing, Dr Mayosi remains a giant in his contribution to the national narrative about some of the social conversations we are usually afraid to have. For the last week or so I have been observing how amateurs and experts, sufferers and detractors alike are having a conversation about the nature of stress … Continue reading

Language is not about words…

For as long as I can remember, I have always been a writer. Not just in terms of “writing”, as in putting the words down. But I have always known from a very early age, the power of words. I think, no, I believe I already knew from even that time, as it is anecdoted, … Continue reading

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