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Adichie fighting a just war against the colonization of the mind

Chimamanda Adichie Ngozi’s Novel, Half of a Yellow Sun is inspiring novel of a young African woman. I recommend it as a read for every African child! Our history as Africans is important, otherwise we suffer the risk that we keep repeating it. Right now we are at the point where history is about to … Continue reading

Are you an eagle or a chicken?…Anthony De Mello- Awareness

Tony de Mello on an occasion among friends was asked to say a few words about the nature of his work. He stood up, told a story which he repeated later in conferences, and which you will recognize from his book Song of the Bird. To my astonishment, he said this story applied to me.This … Continue reading

Book Review: Don Miguel Ruiz’ – The Four Agreements

The Coaching Community It’s always fascinating how things meant for you constantly show up over and over in your life and you never even see them sometime. Don Miguel Ruiz’ The Four agreements has shown up again in my life- and I believe I’m at the level where I understand it so much better now-Like … Continue reading

Books- Our Iceberg is melting- John Kotter

The Coaching Community Southern Africa A friend referred me to this book by John Kotter called Our IceBerg is melting- since my coaching supports change in individuals and organisations, I felt you might be interested in what the book is about…. John P. Kotter, Our Iceberg Is Melting Source: http://www.youtube.com Harvard Business School Professsor John … Continue reading

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