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Song of the day: India Arie – Always in my head

It woke me up in the morning, playing in my head and I had to dig for her debut CD- the one I have not played in at least two years. She is truly gifted- her ability to reveal the ontent on my soul in an elegance i could never muster makes her my muse. And … Continue reading

Song of the day: Mary J. Blige – Each tear

Song of the Day: Each Tear- Mary J. Blige- she tears it up!!! I’ve just realised- I’m a fan of inspirational music. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bHmqQtAWD3A

Song of the day- India arie: yellow!

Song of the day: india Arie- Yellow. Its always a pleasure to hear the words of the song describe your mood completely! word for word! Shes a one of my favorite musicians for real! Colorful and well written. Her latest album is my favorite so far- solid and soulful. i can feel her mood. She … Continue reading

Song of the day: Give me time – Chante Moore

“…you are the sun, gentle and warm- you make my life complete- give me time to show what you mean to me…”. She’s probably one of the most underrated artists of my generation. Maybe because she is not all about hype. In fact I think when she tries, she fails dismally, as can be evidenced … Continue reading

Song of the Day: Gerald Alston- Getting Back into love

Song of the day: Gerald Alston- Getting back into love! “what kind of fool would turn and walk away when he has someone like you…let me in, let me in”. Where is he now i wonder….unique voice

Song of the day: Whitney Houston- Like I never left

For those who don’t know, my song of the day is usually the song that takes over my mind and features significantly in my day- be it the message, a hook, the beat..usually a phrase that gets me and i play it. Usually i end up repeating it a few times for the hook to … Continue reading

Song of the day: No other love- John legend (Won’t you please get out of my head and get into my bed now…I’m ready for love, i’m ready to lose control…)

I love John Legend’s music- yeh, sometimes I get tired of it. But in general I love his music and I kinda like him as a persona either. I think he has a good head on his shoulders. Once in a while a song just catches you from the CD after you have had it … Continue reading

Song of The Day

My song of the day is by Lira- Ngiyazifela. It’s a love song. The word “Ngiyazifela” is an IsiZulu expression literally translated to “I die for you”, a figurative expression of undying love for someone! I love her- she works really hard and I see an even briter future for her if she keeps this pace up!

Song of the day

Song of The Day: Sweetest Love- Robin Thicke- (Why do people smile when no one’s smiling? Its coz they are thinking of someone they’re loving…) the white brother that has managed to whangle his way into my music collection- he rocks! ROBIN THICKE -THE SWEETEST LOVE (w/LYRICS) Source: http://www.youtube.com http://tinyurl.com/9jyjr5 Free Download This Video Now. … Continue reading

Song of the Day

The song that got me into spiritual catharsis today- Even Me by Yolanda Adams. I think the lord heard me as well when this song hit some depths of my soul i had forgotten exist- it’s so easy to just go into automatic mode ne! Anyway- that’s my song! Check it out- the lyrics can … Continue reading

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