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…And George Michael passes peacefully in his sleep-What can WE do differently?

Whenever a legendary artist passes on it does tend to amplify our attention to him or her in a way that is different from when s/he was alive doesn’t it? And the hysteria and the social mourning that follows, albeit overwhelming, is normal isnt it? I think so. I know there are those who tend … Continue reading

Zonke’s Work of Heart is Solid & Heart felt – Almost a work of art….

At the risk of pretending like my opinion means anything, I have been spending some time with this- Zonke’s latest offering. In case you have been thinking whether to get it or not- here’s my two penny’s worth. The only thing that detracts from this album’s virtues are the uninspiring forgettable melodies- she didn’t really … Continue reading

My New Acquisition – Al Jerreau_My Old Friend: Celebrating George Duke

It’s nice to be Al Jarreau because as a legend, you can call anyone you like to come and make music with you. As I write this I am playing “Bring me joy” featuring Boney James,with George Duke making a virtual appearance- and it’s like a cool breeze has just blown into my house, even … Continue reading

This Close to You – Luther Vandross

I am now playing Luther Vandross – This Close to you, the title track of the second CD he released in 1977 with the group LUTHER. The CD never sold much (although you can get it today at R1500 a copy) , but had already indicators of a great vocalist luther was- the arrangement of … Continue reading

CD of The Day: If You Dont Know Me By Now-Best of: Harold Melvin & Blue Notes

With all the best tracks- including the original long version of “I miss you” & “wake up everybody”. I have not played this in close to 4 years. If you are into old School soul music- and you are a fan of this group- get this compilation first. http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss_cdnow?url=search-alias%3Dpopular&field-keywords=harold+melvin+and+the+blue+notes via Facebook.

Joe finds his Signature…beautiful CD.Period!

Wow- I have not raved about a CD like this in a while I think. Especially a CD by a contemporary artist. Joe’s Signature CD has managed to get achieve this and I believe he actually found his signature as a contemporary ADULT male crooner. With the passing of people like Luther van dross, illness … Continue reading

From a whisper to a scream- with a groan, a moan and a growl in between- The Music of Esther Phillips-after 22 years of searching!

“When ‘the queen’ Aretha is a fan
how can the rest of us say nay”
Lester L. Carter Continue reading

Song of the day-Corinne Bailey Rae- Choux Pastry Heart

Corinne Bailey Rae’s song Choux pastry heart is my song of the day- i woke up with it in my mind and i have been now playing her beautiful debut album all morning. The song is short but with high heart impact. Listen to the song and the lyrics here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iTGyEl6rj5o I had forgotten how … Continue reading

Song of the day: Give me time – Chante Moore

“…you are the sun, gentle and warm- you make my life complete- give me time to show what you mean to me…”. She’s probably one of the most underrated artists of my generation. Maybe because she is not all about hype. In fact I think when she tries, she fails dismally, as can be evidenced … Continue reading

Najee gets it right- Mind over matter

It’s the first time in many years that I have a CD by Najee that I want to listen to! I mean like take off the shelf and play it. Not since ‘just an illusion’ has that happened. I felt that many of his subsequent releases, they all settled on some dull formula that was … Continue reading

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