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Pastor Shirley Caesar spreads the blessings at The Dome!

Sometimes you go to a show harbouring expectations of a great show but restraining yourself because your experience tell you it’s never as good as the show that’s going on in your mind. But then sometimes you get surprised- because the show becomes better than the show in your mind. This was the case with … Continue reading

The night of half-songs, hurting ankles and forgotten lyrics- Patti LaBelle @ Sun City, South Africa

I was very excited to see that Patti la belle was coming to perform live in South Africa. She had been announced a few times in the past and at the last minute the show would be cancelled. So I was already used to the disappointment as far as Miss Patti is concerned. When the … Continue reading

Play it again John- John Legend in Johannesburg-South Africa

I really enjoyed the John Legend show yesterday- the final leg of his Evolver tour. He’s a master showman and in spite of the acoustics (I think The Dome is a terrible venue and I don’t know why organisers insist on using it for live shows). Anyway- the sign of a great artist is to … Continue reading

Patti La Belle in South Africa?

According to my sources Patti Labelle will be performing two shows locally- one in Cape Town at the Grandwest Casino and another at the Sun City superbowl. If this happens, I will definitely be attending the show at the Sun City Superbowl. I say “if” because this is the third or so time that we … Continue reading

The story of us- the truth, nothing but the truth

Last night i had the good fortune of being invited to the premiere of the Movie “Nothing but the truth” based on the the play of the same name penned by & starring ntate John Kani. Not sure when the movie will be released in the country but for those who haven’t seen the deeply … Continue reading

Lira sets the standard for any local performance- Wow!

For both international and Local artists alike! I attended the Lira Concert on Friday and all I could say is WOW! That lady just blew us away (my friends and I). I always knew she takes herself seriously- but I didn’t know how much! The show was well rehearsed, well organized, well orchestrated- acoustics were … Continue reading

Anthony Hamilton almost gets it at the woman’s day show at the Dome

I attended the Anthony Hamilton show and again the organizers just spoiled the show with their inept organisation. The man certainly has a voice to fill a church and the crowd (me included) loved the ballads, which he delivered with such emotion, it prolly made some grown men in the audience cry- the lady next … Continue reading

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